Acme 2.4.3

Acme is obsolete -- much of the Acme code was rolled into the GNOME 2.6 control center, and hence Acme is no longer maintained. If you're trying to report a bug and are using a recent GNOME, please use GNOME Bugzilla.

ACME is a small GNOME tool to make use of the multimedia buttons present on most laptops and internet keyboards: Volume, Brightness, Power, Eject, My Home, Search, E-Mail, Sleep, Screensaver, Finance, WWW, Calculator, Record, Close Window, Shade Window, Play, Stop, Pause, Previous, Next, Groups, Media, Refresh and Help buttons. Acme was originally written by Bastien Nocera, and was briefly maintained for use by Debian by Devin Carraway.

It works on all the platforms GNOME supports (laptops and PCs). It uses either OSS or ALSA for volume control.

Here are some screenshots: normal, muted, and the preferences. Have fun !

Code is also available on Gnome's CVS. Check the documentation. Module is acme. Bugs should be added to bugzilla and check the list of bugs to avoid duplicates.

Acme was in the main Debian repository, but was removed after GNOME 2.6 landed in Sid/Sarge.