Black Silk

She was cleaning -- there is always
that to do -- when she found,
at the top of the closet, his old
silk vest.  She called me
to look at it, unrolling it carefully
like something live
might fall out.  Then we spread it
on the kitchen table and smoothed
the wrinkles down, making our hands
heavy until its shape against Formica
came back and the little tips
that would have pointed to his pckets
lay flat.  The buttons were all there.
I held my arms out and she
looped the wide armholes over
them.  "That's one thing I never
wanted to be," she said, "a man."
I went into the bathroom to see
how I looked in the sheen and
sadness.  Wind chimes
off-key in the alcove.  Then her
crying so I stood back in the sink-light
where the porcelain had been staring.  Time
to go to her, I thought, with that
other mind, and stood still.