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Other Devins of the Internet
(said in the same tone as "wild real estate secretaries of the arctic")

I get contacted fairly often by people trying to buy the domain devin.com. If you're one of them, I'll spare you the trouble right away -- no. If you're another Devin, I run my own DNS, and would be willing to supply yourname.devin.com CNAME/MX records and possibly yourlastname@devin.com email forwarding to noncommercial entities, with absolutely no guarantees of reliability, QoS or longevity.

Here's Devin Pike, who had some disarming things to say about me. Also, I infer from his blog that his birthday is a day or two away from mine.

One-word domains are getting to be the minority nowadays; mostly it's attributable to disturbing levels of commercial infestation, but I'll skip the rant on that subject.  If you came looking for one of the fairly large number of Devin companies, here they are, in no particular order:

Devinn's Digital Dreamgirls
"Exotic Dancer" site, by appearances a frontend to the rest of a mid-sized porn site billed as "Digital Dreamgirls."  As an actual rarity, someone there went so far as to contact me in advance. Also I've been inadvertantly instructed to appear at various Los Angeles-area addresses bearing the results of my latest blood tests and wearing lingerie and party attire.

Devub and Drohan

Devin Ankrum Entetainment (sic)
The URL amuses me quite a bit, but there's no site there.

Devin Associates
Another amusing URL -- translated from Spanish, it could be taken to mean "Cow USA."  Nothing at the site but a 404.

Devin Cahn Associates
Took me a minute to figure this one out, but it seems to be concerned with swimming pool products, and/or poorly-scanned pictures of women in swimsuits demonstrating.

Devin Company

Devin Devasquez
I suppose calling this a site pertaining to an "exotic dancer" would be being a bit charitable.  Nontheless, it did have some comical bits, which are worth quoting:

The site also contains an area in which she, or some representative(s), auction off her undergarments.  Actually, I think this woman could do to gain some weight and go back to college.

Devin Consulting
Yet another web-design company (YAWDC).  Actually, I suspect it's a single person, as with most such companies.  The "order Mary Kay products" link in the menu bar thing gave me a good laugh.

Devin Engineering
An engineering firm.  I have a hard time deciding whether they specialize in any specific sort of engineering application, but most of their offerings do seem to have oilfield uses in common.

Devin International
If you can manage it, load this page first without loading the images (a number of browsers now seem to be removing that ability).  The sheer genericism of the whole thing without the images is fairly amusing.  In fact, it's equally funny with the images, because you still can't detrmine hardly anything from the page, other than that their web designer (YAWDC) suffers from a lack of expertise, competence or common sense.  Pretty common YAWDC feature, that.