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              Devin, out of order Devin Carraway

Bio (dartboard version)

If you're reading this, you're probably either a friend who's humoring me, or merely a passing lunatic, or something along those lines. For the passing lunatics, I'm some combination of student and professional programmer/engineer. I'm moderately eccentric (is that a contradction?), politically and socially highly liberal atheistic California-issue male human. Like most geeks I'm generally fairly introverted most of the time; like many of them, I've more or less shifted a large portion of my human-human interaction to the computers, which makes for a more satisfying environment generally.

As a student, I'm either an English or Computer Science major at Sonoma State University, formerly UC Davis, formerly SRJC (I refuse to put a link in for any of them, even if this parenthetical comment comes out much longer than the HTML link codes would have). Which I am on any given day depends on who's asking, what forms I'm filling out, my current GPA, etc. I've been working on the same bachelors degrees for something in the vicinity of eight years, through three colleges' CS and English departments.

Aside from work and hobby (read: more work), I have an assortment of roughly similar friends. I mostly gave up cars and ride motorcycles for economy, ecology and pleasure. I read books. I was the right age to get my sex-ed online.

Largely due to my combining computer engineering with English and Rhetoric, I've acquired that elusive ability to string together halfway logical arguments to put forth perfectly rational arguments for things that are either totally untrue or totally ridiculous (the essence of most computer science). Really, that's one of the things you learn in college.

I lived for a while in a converted water tower in a rural outskirt of Santa Rosa, California, a miserable city that could benefit from a few good drive-by shootings or perhaps a simple strategic nuclear warhead. The only good part about Santa Rosa is Sonoma County, which despite the continuing efforts on the part of Santa Rosa to ruin it, remains a fairly pleasant place with good sunsets, nice views, and really bad drivers. After escaping Sonoma I lived for a while in the east bay area, then Seattle, then San Francisco.

The picture up there with me in a green hat (it comes up randomly, but is not worth reloading for) is somewhat out of date. I still look approximately like that, but several years older. It was taken at TURN, a weekly social ceremony which it would be pointless in numerous ways to describe. Also the green hat fell into the Russian River on New Year's Eve six months or so later, whilst I was standing there looking at said river overflowing its banks and trying yet again to consume Guerneville, California.

Appended notes from the future: