The R-Type Pregnancy

Back in 2008, when we were expecting our daughter, I took brief note of certain similarities between the cutesey/saccharine descriptions lobbed onto parents and some of the box-cover filler used to summarize video game boss monsters, particularly the fetal motif used early on in Irem's R-Type series. That's to say nothing of the even more over-the-top web features for weekly/daily/hourly updates based on some hypothetical gestation done up to draw expectant parents and sell ad clicks.

At any rate, sort of as a parody of the web baby-meters, I made a few parodies. I didn't have the attention span or committment to this idea to follow through weekly all the way through to the proverbial final boss and end credits, but the more rapid morphological changes happen at the beginning of the process when these were made anyway.

Week 4: Implantation of the Aquatic Monster

Implantation of the Aquatic Boss Monster

Week 5: Formation of the Negus O Shin

Your baby most resembles: Negus O Shin

Week 6: Neural structures and metal blast armor

Neural structures and metal blast armor

Week 7: Brain growth, tail prominence, plasma beams

Brain growth, tail prominence, plasma beams

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