Loosely dedicated to every mistake I ever made
You didn't leave me on this hillside,
but here I stand, alone
You never abandoned me, never would
                                   you said
Down this hillside the path lies empty
and alone
Connects the horizon to my feet,
though I do not stir.
Grass bends in the breeze, but not
from footsteps
Each slender stemp bends with its fellows
alone it bends too far and dies.

A silent cry stains the hillside
the poppies sway
Dry tears black with blood drip
but will never nurture life
                           here the ground has no belly
                           here the trees have no roots
                           here the birds have no feet
                           here my soul drips from the leaves

Wherever you go the path leads back
to where you left, and
a path grows from the place of your birth
to where you stand now
                      Even if you've learned how to fly
                      the air knows

Your path I can no longer see
though it must be here with me
Have you walked away and taken
                              your path from me?
My path is clear but for the blood
                              will my trars find your way?

These bloody leaves hear my promise
                                   show my your path
   I will not follow you, but
   I want to wave
Blow you a kiss and bow my head
                               then I can turn away