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The Obligatory "Other People" Page
(see also other cruft)

"Hell is other people and their children." -Henry Bagthorpe, Absolute Zero

Here we have the obligatory listing of people I know, or who know me, or whose pages I don't actually expect anyone to visit because they were listed here, but who would be offended if they weren't listed.  That's probably why I haven't heard any complaints about most of the links being broken, despite finding that every single link on it, save one, no longer pointed anywhere.  I could be linking them to random URLs or something.

Despite this, note that with an infinite shouldering of duty, they all point to places that exist, or at least that existed once upon a time.  And the band played on.

What you will not find here, mainly as a matter of achieving a marginal reduction in the overall amount of moronic "my favorite links" pages: links to software companies anyone has heard of, links to the makers of browsers, "best drooled over with..." browser links, links to enormous archives that everyone already knows how to find.  Plus many other things that you will not find, but can probably find elsewhere at some link or other that I haven't included.  Pbbbttppthh.

Friends, associates and/or accomplices:

Beth Winegarner: Difficult to describe in nonoffensive terms.  She's very nice, really, which is probably why I've gotten tangled up with her myself.  But trying to give bright, inspirational and cheery descriptions is a rather doomed effort.  She's a music journalist, which is one of the few easy comments to make.
There are some photos of her included among these.

Ian Baker: One of the relatively few well-accomplished programmers in the area who doesn't specialize in some intensely obscure area of the field, or require a forklift to carry his ego around.  The main things I can think of to mention are his car, which is a fairly ordinary looking VW bug that's had more mechanical turmoil since I've known him than most people have psychological turmoil in their entire lives.  Also he likes sporks, or at least he did when he originally got bored/depressed/whimsical enough to put together his homepage.  He looks nothing like the picture anymore.  And I highly recommend him to the general female population of the world, though only the portions that would insist on making that determination for themselves, without my help.  Oh well.

Eric Eisenhart: My former supervisor.  He's a recovering sysadmin, which is to say that he's recovering from having my job.  He's been claiming recovering-sysadmin status for about as long as I've been aware of his being a sysadmin, though, so I suspect he prefers recovery to be a process that doesn't actually end.  He's one of those people you never gave a second thought to in high school, who grows up to be one of the people you never think about for the rest of your life either, despite that they have more control over the technical or esoteric aspects of millions of people than the people themselves.

Matt Moore: Odd sort of individual with a past -- and much of a present -- that you're probably better off not knowing about.  We ended up in a lot of college computer courses together, where we paid the same amount of attention (none), skipped the same number of classes (quite a few), got the same grades (As), all for entirely different reasons.

Dan Mihoerck (Clover): He plays guitar, or at least something with strings that you generally stand up and perspire a lot while playing.  He works as a tester, an illustrious career that I suspect has less to do with training, education or natural aptitude as it does to happenstance and an odd habit of getting what he wants without appearing to try very hard.  He drives a car that could have paid his way through college, lived in a house the sheer boringness of which was difficult to describe, and unintentionally incorporates a lot of right angles and white-on-black color patterns in his life.

Tyler Winegarner: "My girlfriend's brother," would have to be the opening description.  He plays the drums, likes computers, renders things, and takes pleasure in what makes up his life, which is difficult for me to comprehend inasmuch as we have so few actual tastes in common.  We get along pretty well, and have essentially everyone on this list in common.

Chris(tian) Church: The link is broken, for a number of very good reasons.  Any description would probably descend rapidly into pitiful wining sentimentality.  Now and then I call up radio stations and request songs for him, dedicated with the admonishment, "Wherever he's gone to."  He doesn't hear them, and, of course, neither do I.

Gary Brown: An old teacher, one of the best advanced programming instructors I've had.  He also ranks among the worst Perl instructors on the face of the earth.  I suspect most of this has to do with his lifelong absorbtion in the Macintosh (well, not his life, but Macintosh's).  The thing you learn from him is not programming, and he should never be permitted to teach anything that isn't so advanced it verges on the mysical, esoteric or actually perverse.  He also has, like most instructors, the misfortune to be stuck in the SRJC computer department -- which is to say stuck under the people who control the SRJC computer department.  He used to head that department, but, to his credit, went back to doing meaningful work.

Kevin Jamieson (Derf): An unusually large individual who would probably strike you as repulsive, until you spent enough time with him to notice that it's just his appearance, conversation and habits that are repulsive, and that somewhere in there is a disturbing amount of intelligence and creativity.  He has some fragments of that intelligence and creativity on his page.  Bring your senses of humor, irony and sarcasm with you.

Many of these people can be found in the TURN Foundation Photo Gallery, which will make little sense out of context, but could be abbreviated to "pictures of these people."

From here you should probably go back, but it's not as if a mere link is going to persuade you.