More of the purple background. This was Starscream, modelled after an American F-15 fighter plane. I think there were about ten stock backgrounds for most of the scenes, which usually contained only characters of one persuasion or the other.

Autobot Logo
Cutting between scenes always had a logo that would pull back from the screen, rotate, and transform from the logo of the old scene's robots to those of the new. These were sometimes the same. The Decepticons got slightly more scenes, since mere comradeship and happiness does not keep kids' interest as well as plans to destroy the world.

This was 1984, when computers weren't yet fashionable, but made good props. This, as you can tell from the color, was an Autobot computer, which would fill them in on parts of the plot that they had missed by not being in those scenes.

More Computers
This sort of arrangement occurred a lot. Optimus assumes a bow-legged stance in front of something, while all the Autobots stand raptly before whatever it is and look unfocused because it's hard to make a robot whose eyes are flat polygons seem to be looking at something.

perservere, retreat or flee.